how we feed our herd

Nutritional facts

Alfalfa & Oat Cubes


Oat/Alfalfa Cubes
Livestock Feed

Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Protein, Min 15%
Crude Fat, Min 2.5%
Crude Fiber, Max 35%
Ash, Max 12.5%

INGREDIENTSChopped Alfalfa and Oat Hay
Less Than 2% Propionic Acid (used as mold inhibitor)

Rice Bran Pellets

13.0% Protein

16.0% Fat

0.7 % Fiber

Good souce of calories and Fatty Acids.

Wet "Sweet" Cob

Rolled corn, rolled oats, and rolled barley with molasses.

  •  Wet Cob is a three-grain mix of rolled corn, rolled oats, and rolled barley with molasses for horses, cattle, goats and sheep.

Crude Protein (min), 8.00%
Crude Fat (min), 2.50%
Crude Fiber (max), 7.00%
Sodium (Na) (min), 0.17%
Sodium (Na) (max), 0.67%
Ash (max), 4.00%

hoof care


Our horses receive high quality hoof care every 6 weeks. Our farrier and his assistant come out every Wednesday to take care of our herd. Not all of out horses wear shoes however, they still require regular hoof care to keep them healthy and happy. The old cowboy saying " No hoof, No horse" stressed the importance of hoof care!

NorCal Farrier Service

Demetri Guidry


vet care



Horses teeth grow throughout their lives and develope "hooks" that need to be filled every 1-2 years depending on the horse. This gives them a good grinding surface so they can process their feed and get the most nutrients. 

Pacific Coast Veterinary Services


Dr. Steve Wood DVM


There is a lot that goes into keeping horses healthy and we have a fabulous vet on our side!